As one component of our commitment to proactively maintaining your IT environment, Select Business Systems offers comprehensive workstation support and monitoring services. This solution ensures continual oversite of the performance of both your hardware and software, whereby each individual machine is monitored to safeguard your network and data.

Our state-of-the-art monitoring system oversees your network to take immediate action if any individual device or system experiences an issue. Our technicians are primed to address the problem immediately in order to keep your systems working at peak performance. This includes your processor, RAM, memory, and individual usage levels. When questions arise or assistance is needed, users can submit a ticket to our helpdesk to receive one-on-one technical support.

Our workstation support and monitoring services also include necessary software edits and updates to ensure optimal workflows. This consists of installation of necessary software, such as Windows updates, but also limits users’ ability to download unwanted or compromising software locally. This user oversight helps to ensure the maintained security of your IT environment.