At ACT, we partner with industry-leading manufacturers to provide top-quality, reliable products needed to keep your business functional and successful. Whether you’re considering adding to your current imaging fleet or just looking to maximize productivity and improve workflow, we have the perfect device for you!

Office Equipment Systems have become a staple for businesses today. They often become essential devices for a company to own. Office Equipment Systems include printers, copiers, scanners, and all-in-one devices. ACT offers each of these devices based on the client’s individual office needs.

These products are crucial for the success of businesses in any industry. ACT can help you find the perfect Office Document System for your business. Contact us to learn more!



Often overlooked for its effects on your bottom line, an unmanaged print environment is costly for Chattanooga businesses. Through inefficiencies, unexpected repairs, and unnecessary downtime, unmanaged printers can require up to 30% more of your overhead expenses compared to a company that implements a Managed Print Services solution. That’s why ACT offers a dedicated Managed Print Services plan to our local customers.

Managed Print Services (MPS) is when a third-party provider steps in to help companies streamline, consolidate, and gain control of their printing fleets and their associated costs. The responsibility of maintaining, troubleshooting, and even equipping your printing devices is shifted to your chosen provider, reducing costs and technical issues while providing improved device uptime, team productivity, and document workflows.

The first step to onboarding Managed Print Services is to perform an initial assessment of your print environment. Our team will use the results of the assessment to identify and recommend areas for improvement and cost reduction. To receive your initial free assessment and start reaping the cost and time savings that MPS offers, contact ACT today!



If you struggle with creating, storing, sharing, collaborating on, managing, indexing, securing, or retrieving your company’s business files, ACT’s document management solution can help. With document management, you can easily capture, track, and store electronic documents, such as customer invoices, important HR files, and other word processing files that your business relies on daily to get the job done.

Document management solutions can go beyond file storage, security, and retrieval and help Chattanooga-based businesses automate manual tasks. These automated workflow solutions collate the information provided within files – or even multiple sources – to streamline file management and reduce the time required for manual data entry processes.

Features such as access control, enhanced document security, centralized storage, and audit trails ensure your files and the confidential or proprietary data within them are safeguarded at all times. ACT can help you better manage, store, and secure your business documents. Contact us today for more information!