The average IT technician’s annual salary in California is nearly $70,000. That cost doesn’t include insurance, benefits, continuing education, or any other added employee expenses. Most likely, your company will pay a minimum of $85,000 per year on one IT specialist. With Select Business Systems, you’ll have a dedicated team of proficient, experienced IT professionals who are ready, willing and focused on your network to ensure that your business goals are met. Instead of going through the hassle of incorporating an in-house IT professional or team, our Managed IT Services offer a more affordable solution at a fixed monthly rate.

Managed IT Services are designed to fit each client’s business needs. When assessing the requirements of each client, a unique program is created to meet their individual technology needs to ensure a mutually beneficial relationship. At Select Business Systems, we believe that a fixed monthly rate helps cultivate relationships. We find that predictable monthly invoicing ensures that you’ll receive high-quality, reliable IT services for your business at an affordable price.