So you are the victim of an intrusion. What do I do now?

Get your computer off the internet. Unplug the network cable – turn off wifi. This will prevent any further information from going out and possibly limit effects to online storage sources (drive, office 365, dropbox, etc.)

Do a cleanup using current virus and malware software with current updates.

Try to figure out where the weak link in your security is. Are you making sure you have security updates as they come out? Is you virus protection on and updating properly? Do you have infected emails?

If it is ransomware, you will likely have either a locked home screen or encrypted files. DO NOT pay the fees. There is no guarantee that they will unlock anything and they might use the information to demand more money, or to steal money from your accounts. Many times ransomware will require the system to restored to factory defaults and backup data restore to return you to a safe, functioning environment.

This is where a current, viable backup becomes worth all the money you have paid to keep it up. Restore your data. If you don’t have a backup then…you have a problem. We recommend this even if there seems to be no data loss or infection, as it gives you known uncorrupted version of your files. Many people think that the syncing of online storage provides a backup. This is errant logic. Backup and Sync are two very different functions. It is imperative that you have a BACKUP of all your data whether it is stores on your device or online. We have products to backup those online storage places also. Even Microsoft recommends a backup of office 365 data.

Have a professional check your system to make sure there is not a hidden trojan luking that is sending out information in the background or waiting to do additional damage.

Pay attention to where the security threat is and fix the hole. We have products that specifically check email for threats, scour packets for threats as they come in, monitor network activity for threat protection and whole host of other issues.

Of course, we recommend you be proactive in this effort and not wait until you have a problem to address it, but build your network security to minimize the risk before the attack. When you are being robbed, ordering a security system won’t stop the current invasion.