I have been helping businesses with their technology needs for over 30 years now. It has been a wild ride. When I started, typewriters and desktop calculators were the predominate tech in an office. Some of you may have to Google that to see what they were.

I have seen tremendous changes in the tools we use to do business. Fax machines, which are fading fast, dictation machines, and a plethera of other products used in business have come and gone, but business process really stays the same.

It can be daunting task for someone to keep up with the technology that will positively affect thier business, while still keeping things on track. Thats where a technology partner comes in. We fight the same battle for our own business, but also for many others. We get to see the effectiveness of technology when implemented properly, and the pain of poorly adopted solutions across many clients and many industries.

This is the biggest reason that that recommend any business owner to have a strong, trusted business partner that can help them through that quagmire. I don’t do my own insurance,or accounting, or car maintenance, or benefits, but have partners that I trust and expect to stay up on what is happening in those arenas to guide me, so that I can concentrate on what I do and stay up on what is happening in the tech arena.

It is not a matter of ability. I am sure that I can understand any of those things and make good decisions related to them. It is a matter of capacity. I have a limited amount of time, mental energy, and emotional energy to expend. I want to expend the maximum of it on efforts that enhance our effectiveness with our clients. Trusting someone else alows me to better serve my clients.

Obviously, I wish everyone would trust us be their technology partner. I realize they won’t, but for you to grow your business, you have to trust partners to do tasks for you that are not in your business core. Seek partners not vendors.

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