Phones aren’t what they used to be. When I started in business, there were rotary dial with push buttons for lines and all the lines were analog copper. (Just saying we were behind, not that I am old…:) Voicemail was a luxury only the big guys could afford and the carbonized phone log my receptionist used was the staple of the day.

It has changed. No more carbon phone log. Voicemail is expected. No more push buttons for the lines, you just dial. No more copper pairs for the individual lies, they are all VOIP. We expect even more with the things we have. Notification of voicemail, remote extensions, text to line, remote message management, and the list goes on.

As phones and how we use them change, we as businesses need to stay on top of those changes. It is still one of the primary (I still say the primary) ways we communicate and are accessible with our clients. If they can reach us or us them, how can we be of service? Not only are there potential ways that our phone system can make it easier for our clients to reach us, the new technology can also potentially save us money and/or give us more capacity.

It is worth a call if you have not evaluated your phone system and usage in the last couple of years. This industry has changed dramatically!!