Is it easier to be proactive or reactive? Is it cheaper to be proactive or reactive? Is it better to be proactive or reactive?

Unfortunately, I am not sure that there is one answer for these questions. I think it mostly matters that you make a conscious decision about how you are going to manage a particular thing and be comfortable with it.

Let’s look at both sides:

In a reactive environment we wait for something to happen, and then address it. Is that cheaper….sometimes. For instance, If I decide to be reactive about my tires, I would wait until I have gotten every last mile out of them before replacing them. I will certainly buy fewer tires than if I replace them when they get to the wear indicators. That’s cheaper right? Well, I also am inevitably going to be driving when they blow and have to be on the side of the road changing a tire, or call a wrecker. It might cause me to have a wreck and injure myself or others, increasing medical or insurance costs. But I will spend less on tires.

In a proactive environment I notice that my tires are worn and go ahead replace them before they blow out. That’s more expensive right? I will buy more tires in the life of my vehicle. But other costs and time consumption is likely lower. Does this mean I will never have a flat. NO. Does it mean I will have fewer, YES.

I think that most people will agree that when it comes to tires, proactive is preferable. But often we don’t make a conscious decision about how we manage other things in our lives and businesses. We spend a lot of time and effort helping small businesses make a conscious decision about how they manage their technology. Do you want to do it proactively or reactively? We highly recommend Proactive, as it keeps you doing what you do in a more profitable manner, instead of trying to get a good looking print or fix a computer with a virus, or work with a slow machine that inhibits your productivity.

Can you do business and not manage it proactively? Absolutely. We have just seen that having a partner maintain technology increase productivity and decreases frustration. Make sure you have considered all the costs associated of waiting for your technology infrastructure to break before you pay attention to it, before you dismiss the idea of proactive managment.