So we have all heard the term, some have even experienced the agony, of a ransomware attack.

All of a sudden you cannot access your data, or your computer, or your network and there is a message that says pay a fee and they will release your data. It has hit large organizations, hospitals, the government, and mostly small businesses.

How does it happen? Most of the time, attacks are initiated from some download or email. you download a file and there is some trojan embedded and boom. You are stuck.

You have only two choices, pay the ransom or start from scratch. I haven’t seen anyone be successful at hacking the hacker’s infection. And if you pay, you had better hope they actually unlock it for you. I have seen some that paid and they didn’t get the code to unlock things.

Can they be avoided? Good employee education of what a threat looks like is great tool in avoiding attacks. A good firewall and good intrusion prevention system on ALL your network devices helps also. Unfortunately, even both of these only minimize the threat, so you have to be sure and prepare for recovery from one.

How to prepare? Do the education, have the intrusion prevention in place (this is more than just a virus scan tool,) and by all means have an offsite, current backup. Please don’t confuse synced files in Office365, Google Docs, drop box, etc. with a backup. They most often get infected also.

Unlike hackers that are after personal data, ransomware writers do not care who you are, how big your company is, or anything else. they just want to exploit money from you.

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