It seems that winter is behind us and all of nature is working toward a rebirth. I have hung up the coats, removed the faucet covers, and started the process of renewing the yard for the spring.

Spring is also a good time to do something new in your business. Maybe it’s to renew the efforts of a New Year push that has faded, or begin the one that never began, but it is a great time to start something new and watch it blossom.

We all have areas that need attention, that could be improved, or are just plain broke, but we constantly put off addressing them. We sit and hope that things will change or improve and most often they just slowly erode or worsen.

One thing I have learned in 30+ years of business, you have to do something for things to change for the better. If anyone reading this post reached out to 100 prospects this week, I am certain that they would find at least one viable opportunity. I also bet that the majority of people won’t.

Procrastination is in our nature somehow. It takes intentional effort to change things positively. It takes doing something. You have heard it before, but in order for something to change, something has to change. Make one change to improve your business.