I think we all have had some experience with some sort of supply chain issues as of late. Maybe it was an extreme shortage of toilet paper, or you couldn’t find your favorite soup, or buy a new car. I think we have all been directly affected by this phenomenon that is new in my life experience.

I know my grandparents, and even my parents suffered in the post depression era with supply issues, But it isn’t something I a have really had to deal with either personally or in business… but here we are. For the last two years the equipment we sell and support has been increasingly difficult to source and I am not sure that there is a reasonable end in sight. I don’t believe that it will just start flowing like it was one day in the near future, but more likely will slowly get better over time.

So what do we do in the meantime? I think that is actually pretty easy to answer, but harder to live with. We have to be proactive in replacing our business technology. We can’t wait until it is an emergency to replace something that is aged or outdated, as it could be months before the replacement is available.

One thing that we have done lately is help some clients prioritize and schedule technology replacement, so that the don’t have down time of critical resources and therefore can keep their clients and business competitive.

Give us a call to look at a replacement schedule for your business, before you have an emergency.