When I was a kid my grandfather referred to things that were difficult and not going like he wanted as “pushing rope.” It took me a while (years) to figure out what he meant by that, but I finally got it. If you want a crash course, go to your local hardware, get a few feet of rope, try to push it to a specific area. No pulling allowed.

I think, as business owners, we feel that frustration a lot. Things just aren’t going the way we had envisioned, but we are giving it max effort.

Most of the time we feel this frustration when we are in the middle of change. Perhaps new products, personnel, or processes are creating this frustration.

There are solutions to pushing a rope. Most are pretty simple.

1. Know where you are going – Set definite, measurable goals for success. Make sure they are realistic.

2. Start pushing slowly – You probably can’t get it by one powerful push. It will take some patience, some finesse, and a lot of observation.

3. Push one section at a time – Don’t just start at the back and shove, get the front started in the right direction, move back, get the next section following the first, move back…

4. Choose your path carefully- Carve out your path, create barriers to stay on track, utilize the assets you have access to.

5. Don’t quit – I have seen a lot of people quit when it got hard, or they failed at first. Have some determination. Edison found 1000 ways to not make a light bulb before he was successful.

Hopefully this will help. I have found that after pushing the rope for a bit, I can then grab the other end and pull! That is a lot easier!

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