The only thing constant is change -Heraclitus

Feeling a little nostalgic today and thought I tell you about the history of our written communication…starting with the typewriter.

In 1962, when we started, the typewriter, like the one pictured, was the tech of the day. Imagine that! A few years later, the electric typewriter became commonplace and was refined into the popular “ball” typewriter, which became commonplace in the 70’s.

Later the mag card and mag tape technology was melded with the ball technology to make the first repetitive typewriters or really the beginning of word processors. You would type a document and it would magnetically record the keystrokes onto a magnetic card or tape. You could later put the tape or card in to reproduce another original of the same document. These were of tremendous value in a world where all of our data distribution had to be done via paper or voice!

Those machines fairly quickly evolved into units with a screen, which made it easier to input variable data such as names, addresses, or other data to personalize the document. They were used extensively when USPS mail marketing was one of the few advertising avenues available to people trying to attract new business.

Once again, fairly quickly, the screens grew and the capacity changed into what was known as a word processor. These were basically personal computers that were built for one purpose, typing documents. that had built in printers and had a similar look and feel to a typewriter at first. They morphed into something that looked more like a computer, and were finally displaced by the PC.

And it continues on, as the software has matured and changed and even how we consume software has changed. We now offer Office 365 Subscriptions and Google Enterprise subscriptions in lieu of typewriters, or software on a floppy disk. But, If you still need (or want) a typewriter, we still sell them. about 1 per year.

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