I love baby feet. They are so cute and perfect. They are really small – especially compared to my size 11 feet. But they still matter…

I have found that a lot of small business people have an inferiority complex about their business. They think that the fact that they are small makes them insignificant – off the hacker or malware thief’s radar. This could not be farther from the truth.

Actually small business is exactly where the hacker or malware person wants to strike. Why? Because they often don’t invest in the security they need to thwart and attack. The complacency of small business operators makes them a prime target for intrusion.

So what do you need to do to avoid this? Just make it difficult. There are many who won’t listen to my warning and so they will be the ones to suffer the attacks. If being chased by a lion, the waterbuffalo does not need to be the fastest in the herd, only the second slowest. That principal applies here as much here as anywhere.

Three basic things you can do.

1. Train your employees to recognize Phishing emails and suspicious sites.

2. Have quality anti malware/virus protection in place on EVERY device on your network.

3. Have a quality firewall with current malware/virus protection subscriptions active.

Pretty simple, but you would be surprised at the number of people who do not pay attention to these things because they are “too small for a hacker to target.”

There are two issues with not paying attention to this. First, your lack of security makes you an easy target. Second. Often a data loss for a small business is deathly. You may not actually recover from an attack. (see blogs on backups)

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